Authors' Launching Pad

Devorah B. Harris, Literary Agent

ALP seeks authors who demonstrate literary excellence. While we give preference to those who have previously published with large publishing houses, we consider all serious submissions. We love books and therefore prefer our initial communication to be exclusively on paper.

ALP Agency is a non-fee charging agency that represents both nonfiction and fiction for adults and juveniles. Books with strong literary merit, regional emphasis, inspirational, humorous, psychological or feminist perspectives, self-help, parenting, thematic anthologies, business and crossovers into the academic market, all are welcome.

ALP does not represent mysteries or science fiction.


Create a brief, yet irresistible query letter that presents your subject matter along with your (if any) publishing background and listing of what current, best-selling books fall in your market in addition to, your plans to help your book succeed in the current publishing marketplace.

Add 1-2 chapters that showcase your writing style to your submission and remember to include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) with your materials.

Send full chapter and prospectus via snail mail only to:

ALP Literary Agency
Devorah Harris
P.O. Box 1285
Watsonville, CA 95077


Devorah hails from Minnesota where she was active in the early 80’s recruiting writers for The LOFT literary center. Devorah moved to the West Coast and worked over 20 years for NY book publishers, first with Harper & Row, Scott Foresman & Little Brown Publishers, now Hachette Publishers, followed by several years with Houghton Mifflin Publishers. She gained recognition for her expertise in recognizing the regional talents that exist on the West Coast and in her passion for empowering the author to find their place in the New York publishing industry.

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